About Us

Smith Meat Packing, Inc. is a smoked meat manufacturing company that has been happily serving the Midwest region since the 1940's.  We provide our distributors with the highest quality of real hardwood smoked meats, including bacon, hams and smoked pork hocks.  As Smith Meat Packing, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with our distributors as well as providing them with excellent service and the highest quality products.

Smith Meat Packing is a USDA Federally inspected facility and HACCP compliant.  We have recently renovated our facility and updated our equipment to maintain our high standards.  All of our products are made with real hardwood without any liquid smoke additives.  We purchase the highest quality ingredients to ensure our products meet our distributors expectations.  It is our goal to provide people with the absolute best tasting product.  We believe in using the old school methods of hardwood smoking and have always stuck true to our formula without taking any shortcuts.  Take one bite of our bacon and you will know it's true!!!

Smith meat Packing is located in Port Huron, Michigan.  While we sell our products to many wholesalers, we also operate our own distribution company located in Detroit's Historic Eastern Market.  Since the Eastern Market is the hot spot for vendors, jobbers and distributors to buy and sell meats and produce, LKL Packaging, Inc was set up in the heart of the market as our main distributing location.  If you are interested in Smith Meat Packing products, please view our contact page and give us a call at our distribution center.