Layer Bacon

Layer Bacon, or platter bacon, is slab bacon that has been sliced to a desired thickness, stacked together and boxed. Smith Meat Packing’s delicious hardwood smoked layer bacon is sliced in many different thicknesses. The regular cut is our 14-17 Layer Bacon which  provides 14-17 slices / lb. Our thick cut is known as “Ranch Bacon” and our thin cut is know as “18-22”. All of these types are made from the same type of high quality pork belly and prepared the same way.


Laid Out Bacon

Laid Out Bacon, or single shingle bacon, is slab bacon that has been sliced and laid flat on treated parchment paper. There are 10 slices to a sheet and this style of bacon makes it easy to throw in the oven or flip over onto a grill. Many restaurants prefer this style of bacon for quick turn around in the kitchen.


Diamond A Bacon

Diamond A is a type of layer bacon made from a leaner, smaller pork belly than our regular layer bacon. This smaller belly is also sold in slab form known as Deluxe Slab.


Smokey Hills Applewood Bacon

Our Smokey Hills Applewood Bacon is given its great flavor from smoking it with real applewood chips. This product contains no liquid smoke which gives it that true applewood flavor. We manufacture our applewood in a laid out, layer and slab form.


Slab Bacon

Slab bacon is a smoked pork belly that has not been sliced. Our slab bacon is available with the rind on (Regular Slab) or rind off (Derind Slab). We also provide slab from a smaller, leaner belly with rind on (Deluxe Slab) or rind off (Deluxe Derind). Slab bacon allows the purchaser to save some cost and slice the product to his or her desired thickness.


English Back Bacon - "Rashers"

English Back Bacon, or “Rashers”, is a style of bacon similar to Canadian bacon. In Ireland and England, this traditional style of bacon is made from the back meat of the pig instead of the pork belly. Unlike Canadian bacon, English Back Bacon has a layer of fat around the edge, which enhances its flavor but is still leaner than the
traditional American bacon.


Wayside / Ends and Pieces

Wayside is our secondary cut of bacon from the slices not meeting the size requirements of a primary cut. Smith’s Ends & Pieces is a third cut that does not meet the Wayside requirements. Wayside Bacon tends to be around 3/4” in length whereas Ends & Pieces bacon tends to be around 1/4 - 1/2” in length. Both Wayside and Ends & Pieces are smoked and processed the same way as our primary cuts and therefore do not lack any flavor.


Smoked Hocks

Our Smoked Hocks are flavorful, inexpensive cuts of meat that originate in the lower, front legs of the pig. These picnic hocks are a higher quality than ham hocks, which are located on the rear legs of the pig. Hocks provide rich, smokey flavor and are wonderful for adding flavor to soups, stews and rustic vegetables.


Smoked Neck Bones

Our Smoked Neck Bones are the bones located behind the head of the pig and are part of the back bone. Neck Bones are one of the most flavorful and inexpensive parts of the pig. They consist of part of the back bone and ribs with small bits of very tender meat. This product is typically used to flavor soups, stews and greens.


Cured Salt Pork

Our Cured Salt Pork is made from fresh pork bellies and is cured with salt. Made from the same cuts as bacon, our Salt Pork resembles uncut slab bacon but is much saltier and is not smoked nor bacon-cured. Salt Pork is great in beans and is used to flavor many dishes. We manufacture it in whole slabs as well as in retail cryovac packages.