As a family, we believe we have a responsibility to help our community and make it a better place. Through our city’s highs and lows, we have always tried to support those in need as well as donate to foundations we believe in. We also like to take care of those who do the same. At LKL Packing, we give discounts to any members of the local police, fire departments, churches and military.

Operation Give

Smith Meat Packing has been a longtime, valued supporter of Operation Give, a 501(c)(3) foundation. The mission of Operation Give is to inspire people to make a difference in the lives of children. Smith Meat Packing was one of Operation Give’s first corporate sponsors, dating back to 2007. At its annual fundraiser in 2018, Operation Give established the Anthony Peters Charitable Giving Award, in recognition of the generosity of Anthony Peters, the President of Smith Meat Packing. Operation Give was thrilled to name that award after Mr. Peters and honored to recognize him as the first recipient. Each year, the award will recognize one important supporter of Operation Give.

-Stephani LaBelle, Board Secretary

Other Partnerships


St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital

St. Jude’s mission is one that everyone should believe in and contribute to. Danny Thomas, the founder, was a dear friend of our family and we share in his vision.


Wounded Warriors Project

This is a great organization that helps veterans and we are proud to support their mission.


Grosse Pointe Old Devil

We support their mission to help provide academic growth, athletic development and life skills for underserved youth.

Celani Family Foundation

We always sponsor Cars & Cigars Smoke Detroit. The proceeds help feed children in the area as well as support children in the Dominican Republic.

Detroit Police & Fire Departments

We support our local departments by donation products for their fundraisers to help raise money for their needs and for families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

Saint Maron Maronite Catholic Church


Saint Ambrose Catholic Church


Once a small enterprise, the Peters' food empire has grown to $40 million in annual sale.

By Mike Larson

Photograph by Nick Hagen


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